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Aves 3D - Geographic Location Listing

Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument [Show Elements] (1)

25 mi. S of Washington, DC [Show Elements] (7)

Australia, Vic. Portland Between Glenelg Mouth & Nobels Rocks, Discovery Bay [Show Elements] (7)

Australia, Vic. Portland, Portland Bay [Show Elements] (31)

Australia, Vic., Portland Between Swan Lake and Cape Bridgewater, Discovery Bay [Show Elements] (6)

Australia, Victoria, Serendip Sanctuary [Show Elements] (1)

Boston MA: Franklin Park Zoo [Show Elements] (17)

Boston Zoological Park [Show Elements] (8)

Boston, Logan Airport [Show Elements] (2)

Boyup Brook, Western Australia, Australia [Show Elements] (7)

Brazil [Show Elements] (8)

Brazil, Estiraco do Equador, Rio Javari, E. Amazonas [Show Elements] (10)

Brazil, Goias, Macuaba, Ilha do Bananal [Show Elements] (10)

California, La Jolla, Torrey Pines [Show Elements] (1)

Canada, New Brunswick [Show Elements] (2)

Captive [Show Elements] (28)

Concord Field Station [Show Elements] (3)

Costa Rica, Guanacaste [Show Elements] (1)

Costa Rica: Caribe [Show Elements] (7)

Costa Rica: Guanacaste ACG, Camino Santa Elena [Show Elements] (1)

Costa Rica: Guanacaste ACG, Maritza Station [Show Elements] (1)

Demerara [Show Elements] (5)

Denmark: Hjorring, Vra [Show Elements] (4)

Dominican Republic [Show Elements] (8)

E. Pakistan, Chittagong Hill Tracts, Manimukh [Show Elements] (5)

Ecuador, Oriente, Napo, Limoncocha [Show Elements] (6)

Egg Island, off St. Helena Island [Show Elements] (1)

Egypt: Matruh, Bahig [Show Elements] (5)

England [Show Elements] (5)

Fall River, Mass. [Show Elements] (2)

Florida [Show Elements] (7)

Franklin Park Zoo [Show Elements] (19)

Funk Island [Show Elements] (2)

Guatemala, Peten, Tikal [Show Elements] (18)

Hawaiian Islands: Kure Island [Show Elements] (5)

Hong Kong: Soko Is. Tai A Chau [Show Elements] (10)

India [Show Elements] (17)

Ipswich, Massachusetts [Show Elements] (7)

Java [Show Elements] (12)

Kenya [Show Elements] (1)

Kenya, Loperot, Turkana [Show Elements] (11)

Kenya, Thika, Kilimambogo [Show Elements] (1)

Kenya: Rift Valley Prov., Lake Naivasha [Show Elements] (12)

Kenya: Rift Valley Prov., Magadi [Show Elements] (2)

Kerguelens Island [Show Elements] (9)

La Jolla, California [Show Elements] (1)

Logan Airport, Boston, Suffolk County:MA:USA [Show Elements] (5)

Mass., Cape Cod, Nauset Beach [Show Elements] (7)

Mass., Essex Co., Manchester [Show Elements] (14)

Mass., Nantucket Id., State Pines [Show Elements] (6)

Mass., Newbury [Show Elements] (13)

Mass., Sagamore Beach [Show Elements] (4)

Mass., Woods Hole [Show Elements] (3)

Massachusetts [Show Elements] (2)

Mauritius [Show Elements] (16)

Mex., Chiapas, Las Casas [Show Elements] (10)

Mexico, Chiapas, Ocozocoautla, El Ocote [Show Elements] (11)

Mexico, San Luis, Potosi [Show Elements] (7)

Midway Island [Show Elements] (6)

Morrill, Maine [Show Elements] (18)

New Guinea, Karimui, 60 miles Southwest of Goroka [Show Elements] (1)

New Zealand [Show Elements] (68)

North Africa [Show Elements] (6)

North America, USA, New York, Suffolk Co., Westhampton Beach [Show Elements] (1)

North America. USA. Wyoming. Big Horn County. Greybull. [Show Elements] (1)

Pakistan: Baluchistan [Show Elements] (4)

Papua, New Guinea [Show Elements] (10)

Peru, Paracas [Show Elements] (6)

Peru: Madre de Dios, Puerto Maldonado, Explorers Inn [Show Elements] (14)

Phoenix, Arizona [Show Elements] (8)

Rodrigues [Show Elements] (6)

Samoa [Show Elements] (10)

Spain [Show Elements] (1)

Stinnett, Texas [Show Elements] (5)

Stone Zoo, MA [Show Elements] (9)

Tompkins, NY [Show Elements] (1)

USA: AK: Aleutian Is. Agattu I., Cape Sabak [Show Elements] (13)

USA: AK: Aleutian Is. Buldir Is. [Show Elements] (10)

USA: Arizona, Santa Cruz, Nogales, Sycamore Canyon [Show Elements] (6)

USA: California, Fresno, Mercy Hot Spring [Show Elements] (6)

USA: California, Santa Barbara Co. [Show Elements] (8)

USA: Colorado, Garfield Co. [Show Elements] (6)

USA: Connecticut, New Haven, Guilford [Show Elements] (3)

USA: Connecticut, New Haven, Madison [Show Elements] (6)

USA: MA: Barnstable Co. Falmouth, Connett Pt. [Show Elements] (3)

USA: Nebraska [Show Elements] (4)

USA: New York, Saint Lawrence Co. [Show Elements] (4)

USA: New York, Suffolk, Fishers Island [Show Elements] (3)

USA: South Carolina, Bull's Island [Show Elements] (14)

USA: Texas, Brazoria, Freeport [Show Elements] (6)

USA; New York [Show Elements] (5)

United States of America [Show Elements] (4)

Unknown [Show Elements] (278)

Uruguay [Show Elements] (9)

West Africa [Show Elements] (8)

Zanzibar [Show Elements] (10)
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